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This leather holdall is designed to carry a blanket smartly for outdoor activities such as a picnic or camping.

Also a great way to take a blanket with you on your bike by attaching it to your bicycle frame when cycling.
And always handy to keep a blanket in your car as well.

The blanket shown on the picture is a genuine vintage Swiss Army military surplus.
Made of thick wool, unused condition, currently only 2 available.

the size is approximately 200cm x 140cm.
This is the maximum blanket size to be wrapped on this holder.
Please beware that this is vintage blanket and has distinctive smell which should go after a few washes.

Available with or without a blanket.
The price for the leather holdall on its own is £28.

Made of vegetable tanned leather.
Handmade in London.

handle measurement: appx 23mm x 230mm
total strap length: appx 56CM
strap adjustability: 37cm - 50cm (5 holes in 2.6cm pitch)

material: leather
metal: solid brass with nickel finish
origin: England, UK 


寸法は約200cm x 140cmで、この大きさが、ホルダーで巻くことのできるブランケットの最大幅になります。



持ち手の寸法: 約23㍉ x 230㍉
ストラップの全長: 56センチ
ストラップの調節可能レンジ: 37センチ〜50センチ (26㍉刻みで5段階)

素材: 天然皮革(色移りにご注意ください)
金属パーツ: 真鍮のニッケル仕上げ
製産地表示: 英国製

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