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iPad MINI CASE iPadミニ用ケース


This simple case accommodates an iPad mini.

After cutting leathers out, stitched them together then riveted for an extra reinforcement.

The leather will stretch and mould in to the shape of your iPad as you use.

Please note:
this product is designed to cover your iPad Mini from wear or scratches from day to day carriage use only and does not protect it from dropping or unusual strong impact.

Made of vegetable tanned leather.
Handmade in London.

measurement: appx 23.5cm x 17cm
material: leather
metal: solid brass with nickel finish
origin: England, UK 


寸法: 約23.5cm x 17cm
素材: 天然皮革(色移りにご注意ください)
金属パーツ: 真鍮のニッケル仕上げ
製産地表示: 英国製